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Hearthstone: More Floor Ranks

Hello everybody Geek Generation here. Other commitments are taking time away from my gaming for this week and next week. Things will normalize after next week and i’ll start posting more stuff then.

An aside, i have been playing Eternal when i have free time this couple days. I’ll start posting Eternal deck lists i’ve been using after next week.

Blizzard just announced a couple upcoming changes to Hearthstone. I’ll give my opinions on the balance changes in another post. Other than balance changes, Blizzard is going to add more floor ranks to Ranked play.

What they mean by floor ranks is that, for any season, once you’ve ranked up to a floor rank, you cannot lose ranks until you become lower than the highest floor rank you’ve achieved for that season.

The additional new floor ranks are going to be 15, 10, 5. So much like rank 20, once you hit those ranks, and you’ve lost all the stars of that rank, you won’t lose any more stars to drop to a lower rank. You’ll stay at, minimally, the floor ranks, until the season resets.

I do welcome such a change. Previously, i have a reluctance to try to rank up early in the month, mainly due to the fact that i do not want to lose ranks playing the other weaker classes when trying to complete quests. With the new floor ranks, i could experiment with more decks without feeling punished. I suspect that this change would help to add more diversity to the decks you’ll match up with (at the floor ranks).

Another thing that’s good about this additional floor ranks thing is that people can’t do things like rank up to 5 for the monthly rank 5 rewards, than purposely lose stars to rank down to 20 to farm the rank 20 players. I do believe this helps with the new player experience. Right now, rank 20 player experience is horrible. It’s one thing to see a Pirate Warrior at rank 20, it’s after all a relatively cheap deck. It’s another thing to see a Reno deck with a huge host of legendaries at rank 20.

Ok so much for now, Geek Generation out.