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Game of Thrones: Thoughts on End of Season 5

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here. Today, i’ll be talking a little on Game of Thrones, the Tv show, not the games. So spoiler alert, there will be spoilers.

There’s a little i don’t like about the Tv show when comparing it to the novel. Mainly because of the spoilers that exists in the show that are not confirmed or even known of in the book. Take Mance Rayder’s bit of story. He wasn’t supposed to be just dead at the pyre. Melisandre supposedly used glamour to save Mance and Mance gets sent to Winterfell. And his son was supposed to be swapped with Gilly’s son. The boy Sam and Gilly were taking to Old Town was supposed to be Mance Rayder’s son. Considering that the baby swap did not exist in the Tv, we can conclude that Mance Rayder’s son is not going to have any lasting effect in the novels.

The same logic applies to a number of other characters like Jeyne Poole, Barristan Selmy, the wilding princess and Robb’s wife, i forgot her name. Their stories in the novel have effectively been concluded by the Tv show.

I also didn’t like how the Greyjoys’ Kingsmoot story was omitted. And the changes to Tyrion Lannister’s story resulted in Tyrion never having met Aegon. Is Aegon going to appear on Tv? And if he doesn’t does that mean Aegon’s role in the novel is mostly diversionary? Wasn’t Ser Davos supposed to be on his way to find the last Stark boy? And the last battle on the Tv show.. Stannis lost the battle, spoiling the cliffhanger in the novels. I understand that, at the rate the author is writing, the Tv shows would catch up to the novels. But they could atleast have ended Stannis’s battle in a cliffhanger too.

Another thing i didn’t really like was the portrayal of Melisandre. She was more cunning and magically powerful in the novels, but in the Tv show, she’s just a crazy fanatic with a fetish for burning people alive.

Last but not least, the point about Jon Snow being knifed to death. Here’ i would venture my own hypothesis. Jon Snow’s oath to the Nightswatch actually only lasts until he is dead. Granted the brothers always say, ” and now his watch is ended.” to their dead brethen. While Jon Snow might have died in Season 5, it is unlikely that he would stay dead. Considering that Jon Snow has that R+L=J theory going for him, he has to be alive for Season 6. Since the Tv show didn’t really explore the Warg aspect of Jon Snow, it’s more likely that he will be revived or raised from the dead by Melisandre. Sort of like Coldhands or Lady Stoneheart. And since he died, Jon Snow’s watch is ended and he is officially released from the Nightswatch oath.

Geek Generation out.